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the 2012 presidential nomination. >> it's an all-important must-have for us is this -- making barack obama a one-term president. >> president obama has stood over the greatest job loss in modern american history and that is one inconvenient truth that will haunt this president throughout history. >> covering this remarkable week yochi dreazen, tom gjelten of the n.p.r. and dan balz of "the washington post." >> covering history as it happens. live from our nation's capitol, this is "washington week" with gwen ifill, produced in association corporate journal. and funding provided by -- >> we know why we're here, to connect our forces when they need it. to help troops see danger before it sees them. >> to answer the call of the brave and bring them safely home. >> around the globe the people of boeing are working together to protect who serve. that's why we're here. >> a line is a powerful thing. it connects the global economy to your living room, cleaner air to stronger markets. factory floors to less crowded roads. today's progress to tomorrow's promise. nor folk southern, one line, infinit
being watched across the entire world. a short time ago president obama said egypt would never be the same. >> president obama has not always kept pace with a fast- moving crisis, but has thrown his moral authority behind the demonstrators. >> the people of egypt has spoken. egypt will never be the same. by stepping down president mubarak responded to the egyptian people's hunter for change. they have made it clear nothing less than genuine democracy will carry the dead. >> what a difference a few -- carried the day. >> americans and british were worried things would turn ugly. david cameron made a clear the army must hold onto power. >> those who run egypt have a duty to reflect the wishes of the egyptian people. there must be a move to democratic rule. >> people celebrated on the streets. there were far worse in his gaza. many are hoping for an egyptian government less friendly towards israel. >> [unintelligible] >> no celebration-televisa. many are concerned egypt is changing. >> it is not good for israel because it will create a state of uncertainty in the middle east. >>-j
president obama says he's a christian, there's no beating back the drumbeat from the right that he's a muslim or something like it. check out this graphic moment from fox news of a franklin's focus group with republican caucus voters in iowa. >> i believe that he is a muslim. >> you do? >> yes. >> how many of you believe that here? wow. >> well, that's ten raised hands out of 25 republican caucus voters. 40%. they believe this nonsense apparently. remember, these are the folks who picked the next gop presidential nominee. the iowa republican caucus-attenders. republicans, religion, and realty, our top story tonight. >>> plus, suspicions confirmed. when all those tea partiers won in november they threatened republicans, we thought. now they help vote down an extension of the patriot act. orrin hatch is so afraid of getting primaried, it looks like he crashed a tea party event last night. >>> it's the right wingers who talk about freedom and liberty, so why are they lining up behind the old guard and egypt and not the supporters, people in tahrir square? could it be that they see fre
, please stand by. we're going live to president obama who is making a statement. >> it's a beginning. i'm sure there will be difficult days ahead and many questions remain unanswered. but i am confident that the people of egypt can find the answers and do so peacefully, constructively, and in the spirit of unity thatas defined these last few weeks. for gyptians have made it clear that nothing less than genuine democracy will carry the day. the military has served patriotically and responsibly as a caretaker to the state and will have to ensure a transition that is credible in the eyes of the egyptian people, which means protecting the rights of the egyptian citizens, lifting the emergency law, reviving the constitution and other laws to make this change irreversible and laying out a clear path to elections that are fair and free. above all, this transition must bring all of egypt's voices to the table. for the spirit of peaceful protests and perseverance that the egyptian people have shown can serve as a powerful wind at the back of this change. the united states will continue to be a f
people. >> president obama tries to patch things up with big business. >> if you are trying to decide whether to invest or expand, you don't know what is coming at you. >> two more senators decide to pack it in, jim webb and jon kyl. and congressman resigns. a warning in the digital age. the honor of the redskins says he has been smeared and slandered. he is suing. >> frog is wrong and that is what it is all about. -- wrong is wrong and that's what it's all about. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> mubarak steps down, and power to the egyptian military. what happens next? we don't know for sure. nobody knows for sure the scene in tahrir square after the announcement was made -- people were absolutely overjoyed at the news. mubarak was still in power as of early friday morning. he had moved to shamr el-sheikh, but he finally got the message and stepped down. apparently what he did was extra constitutional. he handed it over to the military. i don't know what this means. what is next for the egyptian people? who can say, charles? >> well, look, the army
the obama administration tand democrat congress pursued an agenda of every frustrated liberal at the expense of the public good and contrary to the will of the people. when america needed a growth strategy to revive our session-racked economy, the obama administration and the pelosi-reid congress gave us a $1 trillion stimulus bill that only stimulated more government. as unemployment soared to 10%, america needed and called for policies that would spur job creation. instead of focusing on jobs, the obama administration and its democrat congress spent a year concocketting a government-run health care system, one that stifles job creation as well as drives up the cost of health care. at a time when we desperately needed incentives to create new jobs, president obama and his congressional allies tried to impose the biggest tax increase in american history on small business owners by letting the bush tax cuts expire. two years of their calling for these massive tax increases caused more uncertainty among employers, making them reluctant to hire anybody or spend more money. along the way, the pr
'reilly gets a face-to-face with barack obama on super bowl sunday. and getting a big audience and big reaction in the press. and a u.s. congressman resigned from his post after his topless photo is found. how has the media handled this scandal? details next on news watch. diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes. then try this. freestyle lite® blood glucose test strip. sure, but it's not gonna-- [beep] wow. yep, that's the patented freestyle zipwik™ design. did it just-- [both] target the blood? yeah, drew it right in. the test starts fast. you need just a third the blood of one touch.® that is different. so freestyle lite test strips make testing... easy? easy. great. call or click-- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. free is good. freestyle lite test strips. call or click today. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life. . >> uma: the-- the reality news operates as the research arm or communications arm of the republican party. when the
presidencia de egipto >>> el presidente barack obama, dijo que el pueblo egipcio es un ejemplo les pidió preparar el camino a unas elecciones justas >>> un jurado delibera en arizona, en el juicio contra una mujer, está acusada de asesinar a un inmigrante y su hija de 10 años de edad >>> y la primera dama obama, dice si su esposo sacrificó la reforma migratoria por impulsar la reforma de salud >>> este es su noticiero univisión, con jorge ramos, y desde la capital de la nación [gritos] >>> cayó mubarak, después de 30 años en el poder, en 18 días de manifestaciones pacíficas de jóvenes, reclamando libertad y democracia hay júbilo en las calles de egipto muy buenas noches, desde washington son maría elena salinas, el mundo fue testigo de un hecho histórico el presidente de egipto renunció, cediendo ante la revolución pacífica de su pueblo los egipcios están en celebración y júbilo la dictadura y represión llegaron a su fin pero aún hay muchas preguntas sobre el camino a la democracia, tenemos un reporte ♪ . >>> gracias, sin lugar a dudas han sido 18 día
mandela was freed by the apartheid regime in south africa. president obama welcomed the news. >> the people of egypt have spoken. their voices have been heard. and egypt will never be the same. this is not the end of egypt's transition. it is the beginning. i'm sure there will be difficult days ahead, and many questions remain unanswered. but i am confident that the people of egypt can find the answers, and do so peacefully, constructive constructively, and in the spirit of unity that has defined these last few weeks. for egyptians have made it clear that nothing less than genuine democracy will carry the day. >> of course, some could not resist playing politics with the moment. sarah palin tweeted media asks will obama administration exert as much constructive pressure on iranian government to change and allow freedom as they just did for egypt. joining me from the middle of the celebrations, nbc news chief correspondent, richard engel. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. not quite in the middle of the celebrations right here. we had to come up to a somewhat quieter locat
. >> the recovery continues, be wru wr are the jobs? ali velshi is off this week. if president obama is going to keep, he needs to figure out a way to get americans back to work. >> our measure of success has to be weather every american who wants a job can find a job. whether this country is still the place where you can make it if you try. michael steele is the former chairman of the republican national committee. michael, we saw republicans work with the administration to get tax cuts extended, and it resulted in positive momentum for president obama. what is the political incentive for republicans to unite with him on job creation ahead of the november 2012 election? >> well, i think the incentive is it gives the republicans an opportunity to speak with clarity on their views on how jobs are created where we invest in the private sector, not in government institutions. that putting in place the very strategies, whether tax cuts or reduction in spending on various areas of the economy, that will allow that to invest and grow, those conversations are important to have now. that argument has
? what about the muslim brotherhood? ambassador bolton is here. >> president obama hailing the resignation of egypt's president. what about our friends ouryl allies, do they think our president handled this well or do they think president obama threw president mubarak an ally, under the bus? karl >> greta: egypt is in the middle of a fragile transition period. no one knows what is going to happen there. is worry islamic extremists will be a powerful force. the muslim brotherhood is demanding the military turn power over to a civilian-led government. john bolton joins us. everyone here in the united states seems content that the military is taking over. first of all, [ unintelligible ] if the muslim brotherhood wants it turned over to civilian that not going to help. >> military is in control the same way it was in the 50s when it overthrew king farouk. they've been there before. it demonstrates the real regime is the military. it wasn't mubarak although he was president for 30 years this is a momentous change. i don't think there's any guarantee the military going quietly.
ambassador in cairo the day before he stepped down saying the united states, the obama administration was naive, they didn't understand who was behind these demonstrators, the muslim brotherhood or iran or hamas and that the u.s. would regret its support for the demonstrators. i want you to react to that. >> i have no particular knowledge of that conversation. i believe the american/egyptian relationship is a deep and lasting one, one that both parties have extracted immense interest and benefits from. and i presume that these relations will continue to flourish. >> i guess the question is, do you agree with mubarak, assuming the reports are accurate. do you agree with former president mubarak that the u.s. is naive about the muslim brotherhood. >> >> i believe all factions in egypt, all political factions in egypt are going to partake in developing the way forward and will do so under the supervision of this youth revolution that was widely supported and will take their lead from the electorate and from the people, who will put them in office. >> as you know, there's a lot of specula
on "to the contrary:" first lady michelle obama gets frank about her family's faith. then, new research hones in on why so few women pursue careers in math and science. behind the headlines: why every little girl wants to be a princess. >> hello, i'm bonnie erbe. welcome to "to the contrary," a discussion of news and social trends from diverse perspectives. up first, the first family and religion. some americans want the obamas to set the record straight about their religious beliefs and practices. this week mrs. obama said the first family participates in church and has a spiritual life. she also said the president prays daily and often consults ministers by phone. but mrs. obama would not disclose whether she has a spiritual adviser. despite many proclamations about being christian, president obama's religion has been debated nationally since he became a canned kate date for national office. just last summer, one in five americans believed he was a muslim and close to half of americans were unsure about the president's religious beliefs. only 34% believed the president is christian. a
. >> thanks. >> president obama is also weighing in on the revolution. he reflected on the words of one protester who described the country's massive shift. >> most people have discovered in the last few days that they are worth something. >> good saturday morning to you. >> good morning. >> i understand that the u.s. is working to reassure the allies in the region. what do we know about that. >> we learned overnight that the united states has sent the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. that is admiral mike mullen to jordan and israel. who key u.s. allies in the region. israel somewhat jittery. it has been reported time and time again. after all, a 30 year peace agreement with egypt could be in jeopardy. no one is saying that is going to happen for sure. on the other hand, no one is really certain how the process towards democracy, the free and fair elections that president obama called for in his appearance yesterday, how that is all going to play out. and mullen is there in a sense to reassure israel as he is with jordan. jordan had their share of unrest although very minor in com
obama reacted to the news this afternoon. white house correspondent mike emanuel tells us what he said. >> reporter: after a roller coaster ride of events in the middle east, left a long-time dictator and ally of the united states topple from power, president obama praised the egyptian people for the way they change the course of their country. >> it was the moral force of non-violence, not terrorism, not mindless killing. but non-violence. moral force. that bent the arc of history toward justice once more. >> reporter: he expressed the significance of a shared experience. >> there are very few moments in our lives where we have the privilege to witness history taking place. >> reporter: yesterday, the president made the same observation and definitely got ahead of the event in egypt. >> what is absolutely clear we are witnessing history unfold. >> reporter: in the morning, c.i.a. director leon panetta said there is a strong likelihood that mubarak would step down that evening and in an hour, walk back the statement. spokesperson for the director of national intelligence told reporters
.s. from drowning in debt. president obama is going to address. he previewed his 2012 budget. >> so after a decade of rising deficits, this budget asks washington to live within it's means, at the same time investing in our future. it cuts what we can't afford to pay for what we can't do without. that is what families do in hard times and that is what our country has to do as well. >> jamie: will it do enough to take on deficits topping 1.4 tripled. some republicans say, it doesn't even come close. john, good to see. how much is too much when it comes to spending? >> we are borrowing 43 cents out of every dollar we are spending. that is way too much. we continued on that path, we become italy. >> jamie: president says we have to do investing in future. are their areas that cause you more concern than others in terms of what the money will be spent on? >> the president said this is our sputnik moment but high speed rail is a train to nowhere. it's not workable in this country and there are other problems with that. i question whether the president is trying to pay off certain special inter
obama urges american corporations to share the wealth. lou dobbs will share his thoughts on that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. good news for americans overseas. after agonizing week. situation in egypt has turned out well for the united states dictator mumbarak is out completely. take control of the country until elections can be held possibly next september. reports are that this man field marshall tantawi will be military equals in egypt. he has a close relationship with the u.s. which gives the egyptian military more than a billion dollars every year. right now we don't know where mumbarak will end up and already switzerland says had t. will freeze his bank accounts. he amassed billions during his 30 years ruling egypt. for president obama the events in egypt are gooded into. they can't condemn because we basically supported the pro-freedom forces in cairo. mr. obama played it smart by not inserting himself into the controversy. two other countries have apparently crit
without permission. meanwhile, president obama is deploying his senior political advisers to meet with key allies. the jubilant celebrations erupt in egypt and around the world after the 18-daypro tests finally toppled hosni mubarak. can i er, the question would be do we know where mubarak is now and do we know anything about his plans? >> well, good morning, alex. what we're told by local officials is that hosni mubarak is in the red sea resort of sham el sheikh. now, whether he stays there or moves again is one question. before he steps down as president yesterday, you will remember he had explicitly vowed to stay in egypt. the military are in charge, at least for now, and today the scream council of the armed forces banned current and ex government officials from traveling without permission. so that suggests that mubarak's movements may not be entirely his own will. indeed, there are some reports that his assets have been frozen because he and his family are report to be worth some $40 billion. so, you know, some confusion, but what we can say for sure from the pictures is that while m
and took urgent notice. as president obama put it today, egypt will never be the same. cairo is still roiling with excitement and celebration where our chief foreign correspondent, richard engel, again begins our coverage. richard, what a day and good evening. >> reporter: good evening. there are still people out in the streets. they are cheering. they are saying "with our souls, with our blood, we sacrificed for egypt." and they believe with this popular uprising, that is exactly what they have done. the people have risen up and toppled a police state. it was supposed to be a day of defiance. after friday prayers, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in tahrir square. they had a message for president mubarak. no compromise. they would not accept mubarak's plan to remain in office while transferring authority to his vice president. but by mid-morning the army seemed to be backing mubarak saying it would guarantee his promises of reform would be carried out, and sending a message. the army would make sure people got democracy, but now go home. but the demonstrators didn't gi
. president obama welcomes mubarak's departure, saying it's just the beginning of egypt's transition to democracy. >> the people of egypt have spoken. their voices have been heard. and egypt will never be the same. >> but as the protesters celebrate in cairo's tahrir square, many are asking what will happen now? >> welcome to "bbc news." we're broadcasting in the u.k. and right around the world. i'm alistair yates. there are scenes of rejoicing around egypt as they celebrate the news their president mubarak has resigned after 30 years in power. the vice president announced that the military had been placed in charge of the country, prompting a deafening yell of approval. this is the scene in the square at the moment, just after 4:00 a.m. local time. many people, as you can see, still there, reluctant to go home, wanting to enjoy this historic day. our middle east editor looks back at the last day of hosni mubarak's presidency. >> in the end, the announcement came suddenly and in tahrir square they were taken by surprise. but the news only took a few seconds to sink in. people who had
of arizona said the obama administration is sticking her with the bill for its failures. we are about to hear from both sides. thanks. excuse me a sec. another person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. she is so cute. okay i'll hold. she's holding. wha? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. and give it a whole new life! with the aveeno nourish plus moisturize collection. the only hair care with active naturals wheat formulas, that target even the weakest parts of hair with hydrating proteins to help repair damage in just 3 washes. for softer, stronger... ... hair with life. [ female announcer ] aveeno nourish plus. and for a luxuriously nourishing shower experience, add positively nourishing body washes. visit aveeno.com to save, and discover the power of active naturals. >>> on one side, arizona, on the other, the federal government. the long chapter on illegal immigration. last year, they sued the state of arizona. now, the governor of the state is suing back. >> reporter: security and border control is by far t
. president obama reacted to the news by declaring egypt the nation that would never be the same. >> the president: by stepping down, president pew mu responded to the egyptian -- president mubarak responded to the egyptian people's hunger for change. this is not the end of the transition it is the beginning. tahrir means liberation. there's a word that speaks to that something in our souls that cries out for freedom. and forever more it will remind us of the egyptian people. what they did. of the things they stood for. and how they changed their country and in doing so, changed the world. >> sean: what comes next? joining me with reaction in jerusalem the christian broadcast network's eric stacklebeck. stephen, let me start with you. at the end of the day we've weakened america's influence in the world. confusion, incompetence, lack of decisiveness, contradict hunt among hillary clinton, one moment -- contradiction among hillary clinton, contradicting the vice president. i think there was amazing, amazing incompetence and contradict by our own administration. your reaction? >> i
during his 30 years ruling egypt. for president obama the events in egypt are gooded into. they can't condemn because we basically supported the pro-freedom forces in cairo. mr. obama played it smart by not inserting himself into the controversy. two other countries have apparently criticized the u.s.a. for not back pg mumbarak. that would have been insane. the man is despised throughout the arab world. all we needed to do is throw in with that tyrant and the jihadists would have had a field day. a change in government in egypt will lead to conflict. saudi arabia is concerned because it oppresses its own people and the same thing, rebellion could happen there. the house of sau had better watch itself. the egyptian military is a largely secular force which does not want a theocracy crazy in that country and also helped u.s.a. against al qaeda and other terrorists. situation in egypt is still fragile. we can expect the jihadists to move in and create as much turmoil as they can. talking points predicts we will soon be seeing terror acts in egypt. on the whole, americans could not, cou
and liberalism? >> guest: i don't think it is liberalism. it has come to me and social democracy. and obama approved it this time around. it has been less then liberal for a long time. liberal is the liberalism of john locke and subsequent liberals. nineteenth century liberals. i am a nineteenth century liberal but we have been coopted by liberalism. at some point in the progressive movement the progressives took the word liberal and used it for their own purposes. will liberals of the american experience are the liberals of the founding fathers and the liberals of the conservative movement. we are real liberals but this is an argument that will take a long time to workout. >> host: in your 1992 book "the clinton crackup" you said given the right disposition a liberal can be a conservative and a conservative can be a liberal. why have more students of politics not made this conciliatory point? >> i am afraid that politics today, the lines are drawn and you are either on my side or their side. that is a shame. in the 20s people could be liberal on some things and conservative on other things
blog. >> you heard a couple of the names of the challengers for president obama and the race for 2012. it's now starting to take shape. who do voters think can take it. hi, julie? >> front runners are beginning to emerge but two years before the election it remains wide open. take a look. former governors mike huckabee and mitt romney lead the pack with 55 and 54%. rouwd go out the top five are former house speaker newt gingrich and sarah palin at 40% and former florida governor jeb bush at 39%. huckabee and romney garner the most support, 34% and 33% respectively with the others trailing behind. this early in the election cycle it seems like name recognition probably plays a large part in what candidates receive. chris christie says he is not running, 29% of republicans say he would be a good president. trump at 23% and tim paw lynn at this at 21%. michele bachmann 16%. in hypothetical head to head match-ups, voters preferred president obama over every republican tested. romney comes closest, trailing by 7 points. last fall, romney was just one point back last september, 41 to 40%. o
. >> woodruff: in washington, president obama got the news about mubarak as he was having a meeting in the oval office. later, he emerged to say egyptians have inspired the world with the moral force of non-violence and peaceful change. >> the people of egypt have spoken. their voices have been heard and egypt will never be the same. by stepping down president mubarak responded to the egyptian people's hunger for change. but this is not the end of egypt's transition. it's the beginning. i'm sure there will be difficult days ahead. and many questions remain unanswered. but i am confident that the people of egypt can find the answers. the word tahrir means liberation. it is a word that speaks to that something in our souls that cries out for freedom. and forever more it will remind us of the egyptian people, of what they did, of the things that they stood for, and how they changed their country and in doing so, changed the world. >> lehrer: the joyful scenes in egypt quickly spread across the middle east and around the world. in beirut, lebanon, and in gaza, people poured into the streets, singin
? >>> big news on the housing fro front. will a new plan by the obama administration make it tougher to buy a house? is it better to rent? >> stand up. stand up. stand up. >>> a rallying cry, some possible gop presidential hopefuls sharpen their messages at a meeting of conservatives. who might come out on top there. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt and welcome to msnbc saturday. well, for the first time in three decades, egyptians woke up today without hosni mubarak as their leader. now, 2:00 p.m. in cairo, thousands of people are still in tahrir square hailing what is promised to be the dawn of democracy there. with egypt's future leadership uncertain, president obama is employing his senior military adviser to meet with key middle east allies, admirable mike mullen will travel to jordan and also to israel which is concerned about its 30-year peace treaty with egypt. meanwhile, ripples of the revolution are being felt across the arab world. in algeria a pro-democracy march is defying an official ban on protests. >>> in the words of president obama, egypt will never be the same. a
. >>> una fuerza moral sin violencia, así lo llamó el presidente obama, prometió el apoyo de estados unidos. >>> vemos una revolución árabe por primera vez, donde nadie grita muerte a estados unidos. >>> el analista dice que esto pone en aviso a todos los regimenes de la región. >>> es muy difícil controlar a las población, en estos tiempos. >>> parecía mandar este mensaje a un país en particular, irak. >>> a los iranies les dijo, dejenlos, marchar, y hablar. >>> un ejército que tiene relaciones cercanas con estados unidos, recibe billones de dólares cada año, y no arresgará su relación con estados unidos. >>> este país, no vio esto la democracia en décadas. >>> nos vamos a washington con el anuncio de una propuesta de ley migratoria, radicalmente opuesta a la reforma que esperan los hispanos, está basada en mano dura, y puertu cerrado contra todos los indocumentados. >>> el descontrolado flujo de indocumentados dejó secuelas en la sociedad estadounidenses, eso dijo hoy grant. >>> le señalamos al senador que muchas personas quedarían decepcionadas. >>> respondió que si im
this week and hope to find their choice to replace president obama. >> making barack obama a one- term president. >> texas congressman ron paul won the straw poll contest with 36% of the vote. the political action conference was more about picking a candidate. they want the republican party to act boldly restoring -- solving america's problems. >> we need to restore america's hope for the future. off attea party showed the congress come just as they did it on capitol hill on budget cuts, another sign that conservatives are increasingly getting what they want. >> this is a reaction from the country, and they said we want somebody in there to stop this. >> who will lead the gop effort next year to defeat president obama? sarah palin and mike huckabee skipped cpac this year. the republican has officially launch date 2012 campaign -- no republican has officially launched a 2012 campaign. >>> wait until you see the extended outlook, especially the end of the week. the wind has settled down, that is the good news. the wind has diminished greatly. the temperature outside at the airport, 41 de
passed is one of her top priorities. >>> this is our generation's moment. president obama said that line in the state of union address. saying the united states needs to invest in energy, science and invasion and he says it all starts in the class room. the president is following his message by highlights a school. >> reporter: the president will have a lot to say about education monday here in maryland. teachers and parents are anxious to hear it. >> we need to teach our kids that it's not just the winner of the super bowl who deserves to be celebrated but the winner of the science fair. >> reporter: president barack obama is bringing that message from the state of the union address to baltimore. >> we really didn't know that he was coming exactly. but our teacher said that it was a special person coming. >> reporter: president obama is expected to talk about investing in education to help prepare children to be competitive in a global economy. >> maintaining our leadership in research and technology is crucial to america's success. but if we want to win the future. if we want invasion
, president obama discussed developments in egypt in phone calls with leaders in britain, jordan and turkey. outside the white house, some are questioning whether u.s. intelligence missed key signals that a genuine uprising was under way. wyatt andrews has that part of the story. >> reporter: the administration clearly knew the end game was coming for hosni mubarak. c.i.a. director leon panetta said so openly thursday morning. >> there is a strong likelihood that mubarak may step down this evening. >> reporter: but mubarak surprised everyone, including the egyptian military, when he refused to quit on thursday. u.s. officials said, "he called an audible." after he did leave on friday, the white house said it had known mubarak's curveball was not the final word. >> we have gotten-- into last night, gotten indications that the last speeches may not have been given. >> reporter: but even if the intelligence was strong, as mubaramubaraks leavingmubarak wt clear what was knownt beginning. the c.i.a. compared its egypt intelligence to an earthquake, saying it knew about the grass-roots anger but
%. >> finishing second, mitt romney, just one of the gop heavyweights. >> this is the obama mystery index. it is at a record high. >> they heard from underdogs that may or may not step into the ring. >> our america is -- an agenda is america's agenda. >> i have never had a book signing. >> the hardest shots were reserved for president obama. >> not only do we face a crisis today, we do not have the leadership in the white house that can deal with it. >> this year, the tea party is demanding to be heard. >> if we do not do what we were sent here to do, this revolution will overrun us. >> these conservative share a common goal. >> winning the white house in 2012. >> there is no clear road map. >> i have not yet heard our plan. >> for conservatives, a preview of 2012. >> still had come up mothers take to the nation's capital protesting for their right to breast feed in public. find out why hundreds braved the find out why hundreds braved the cold to run in >> hunters have fun in their underclothes this weekend. this is the second year of the undie run taking place in the nation's capital. do
will bring in his speech again tonight starting at 10:50 eastern. president obama discussed the 2012 federal budget proposal to be unveiled next week, including a five-year federal spending freeze. republican senator orrin hatch thetah also talked about federal budget proposal. he called on the president to back tax code reform and free trade agreements under consideration by congress. we will hear the president's weekly address and also that of senator hatch. this is about 10 minutes. >> i received a letter from a woman named brenda reece. it speaks to what a lot of families are going through. it offers a good example of the responsibility needed in washington now. brenda is a mother and special ed teacher from missouri. her husband, david, was employed at the local chrysler plant for nearly a quarter decades -- nearly four in decades. they have worked hard. they have taken some hits over the last few years. when the chrysler plant closed, he would have to take early retirement. the pension helps, but it is half of what he earned before. because of budget cuts, brenda have to buy school sup
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